How many teams will be at a HARDBALL 360 tournament?

We generally expect eight teams, although it is possible to have more, or less depending on the location and facilities.

If I sign up as a free agent, how will I be assigned a team?

Our goal is to make each team equally competitive and balanced.  We will work to put teammate requests together and we will evaluate each player, the skill level and position played to build teams out to achieve this goal.  Our target team is 12-14 players.

Do teams generally sign up or is everyone a free agent?

Teams may sign up, however, generally we find that players bring a core group of 5-8 players and they build out their team with free agents.  The great things about baseball, is every time you play on a new team, you make new friends.

Where do you recommend we stay?

We recommend that everyone stay at the recommended HARDBALL 360 partner hotels to enjoy the HARDBALL 360 discount and often the best experience. Book hotel through the website the link and rate will be there.

What is the average age of the players?

You have to be at least 30 years old, or the relative of a player, but generally the age spread is 30-79, with the average age around 48 years of age. We require that a player be 35 or older to pitch.

Will HARDBALL 360 be doing other events?

We have some more great events in the planning stages at some great locations and facilities.  We truly hope that you’ll like our services, facilities and tournaments and that you’ll recommend HARDBALL 360. We want you back.  Everything we do is all about you; the player.

I have comments or suggestions.  Who can I call?

You can e-mail or call anyone on the HARDBALL 360 team.  We value your comments and opinion and we will make the changes required to make things better.

What does the tournament fee include?

Your tournament fee includes all playing activities, assigned locker, daily laundry service, trainers with a training room, cold and hot tubs, umpires and lunch on Thursday thru Saturday, unless otherwise noted.  HARDBALL 360 often offer other activities or events based on the tournament and location and in most cases some HARDBALL 360 garb.

What costs are players responsible for that are not covered by the tournament fee?

All travel expenses, hotel accommodations and meals not previously specified. It is highly recommended that players tip the clubby and athletic trainer for their services.

What equipment am I required to bring with me?

Bats (wood only), glove, cleats (metal or rubber), athlete supporter, MLB, MiLB or College team uniform and any other personal items you use to play. We like to keep the environment professional, so legitimate uniforms are highly recommended.

What do the Tournament Champions receive?

Tournament Champions will receive recognition on the HARDBALL 360 Facebook page and depending on the tournament, a championship shirt, plaque, trophy or ring.

Hardball360 will have a variety of Professional bats and other accessories for sale!